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Trattoria Cà della Vigna

We are located in the historical town of Valeggio sul Mincio, ("Vales sul Mens" for the locals, "Valeso sul Menso" said in the local language),  a zone rich of historical and naturalistic attractions: our restaurant is 200m near the entrance of the famous Giardino Sigurtà Park.

In our Trattoria Pizzeria, a characteristic place to stay, you can find typical dishes from the local and international tradition, and also a special selection of seafood choosen and curated from us to you with a particular attention to respect the freshness and authenticity. Our experience is 30 years long, our chef choose everyday the best products to satisfy our guests, all carry with wine from the best wine cooperatives of the region. Our restaurant is located right for a lunch during your travels or your sports events, or also for work lunches. During the winter season we also have an indoor space in which you can stay warm. This part of the restaurant can accommodate at maximum 40/50 people, in this way we can guarantee the best service for our guests, creating an informal and familiar ambient in which you can find the authentic taste of the tradition, and of course you can spend your time during special events or romantic occasions with your partner. Our Trattoria is open for the whole year and during the hot season we have a beautiful garden in which you can have your lunch/dinner and you can feel like you're at your own home.


Here you can find a lot of different types of pizza, from the traditional ones to the special ones. We always choose the best genuine ingredients to make our pizza, yeast, flour "00", oil, water, salt. Our pizza dough have to wait minimum 24h before we can use it, to be sure that will be light, digestible and fragrant. In the end, we fill our pizzas with fresh and flavourful ingredients. you can choose pizza in our list. From us, you can order pizzas also during your lunch.





What you can find nearby

  • since 1994, every fourth Sunday of the month, in piazza Carlo Alberto it takes part this special event where you can find a lot of antiques objects like furnitures, stamps, carpets, coins, books and porcelain items
  • "Summer film festival": from the end of June till the end of August, every Wednesday evening in Castello Scaligero, a lot of film are shown in the open air.
  • "Ancient Valeggio's fair": it takes part in the first weekend of July, in the name of Saint Peter, and hosts an orchestra, the traditional "Palio delle contrade" (on monday evening), an handmade exhibition and lots of enogastronomic stands.
  • "Valeggio Futura": literary contest that takes place during the party of associations.
  • "Valeggio wears vintage": it takes place from 2009 every second Sunday in May and October, the event takes place in the main square of the country and welcomes over 60 exhibitors who treat only vintage items such as clothes, shoes, vinyl, sunglasses and modern accessories. During the event, an exhibition about the world of vintage is set up in the town hall of the village and musical groups immerse visitors in the world of vintage in the square.
  • Festival of the School Theater: takes place every year between April and May. It welcomes school theatrical groups from the schools of the Province of Verona and also from the rest of Italy. Excellent opportunity to attend real school shows.


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